Why Charolais Is Best Suited For Beef Industry?

Rearing a cattle farm isn’t an easy task. People have been always searching for a breed that would grow in a shorter span and gain weight. One such experimental breed was Charolais. In addition to its white coat and muscular body, it is known for its high adaptability and ease of breeding. The Charolais breed has been a favorite in the cattle industry for more than 40 years. Charolais sets a perfect example for the same. 

Travel Route of Charolais Breed 

Before discussing the characteristics of the Charolais breed, let’s take a quick look at the roots of the Charolais show cattle that is popular in Texas. So when we trace the route of Charolais, it is not native to Texas or the states. The cattle are native to west central to southeastern France. By the end of the 18th century, the Charolais breed was known throughout France. Initially, they were used for agricultural purposes. Later, it became the desirable breed for the beef industry. The popularity of Charolais cattle gained the attention of Texans, and that’s how they made their way to Texas. The first inbred group of Charolais cattle came to Canada in 1956. The first recorded Charolais birth in the United States was in 1968. The American Charolais Breeders Association (ACBA), established in 1920, is currently active with more than 4,000 members nationwide. The ACBA has registered more than 1.5 million heads of Charolais and more than seven million crosses.

Specialty Of The Charolais Breed

Charolais cattle are highly valued by ranchers. The cattle weigh approximately 700 – 1200 kgs and have a height of around 140-150cms. 

The characteristics making Charolais an ideal choice for farmers are –

  • Muscular body 
  • Easy calving rate
  • Good feed conversion rate 
  • Moderate milk production 
  • Low maintenance cost 
  • Easy adaptability to changing environment
  • Compatibility to cross with other breeds.

Usually, Charolais is crossbred with Hereford, Angus, and Brahma. For Example – Charbray (a cross between Brahma and Charolais) is increasingly popular with ranchers and feedlots. One more reason for American cowboys to choose the Charolais cows is that they are docile, easy to handle, and will not run off and hide when the cowboy mounts up his horse or gets on his ATV! 

Why Is Charolais Best Fit For The Beef Industry? 

Charolais cattle are well suited to today’s commercial beef industry. Charolais show cattle in Texas have excellent growth, carcass characters, and reproductive potential. High fertility in Charolais cattle allows for maximum genetic progress in all traits. Moreover, the breed is quite popular amongst people for its high lean beef production. Their superior muscularity gives them an increased weight-per-day-of-age ratio compared to other breeds of cattle. The meat from the Charolais breed has good taste, texture, and tenderness. Thus, good Charolais bulls sell for huge prices at auctions. The exceptional characteristics of Charolais are making them more and more popular among cattle farmers.

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