Tips to Choose Top Class Cattle Breed in Texas

Cattle may seem just an animal for outsiders, but for cattle breeders, it’s their world. It’s quite confusing to choose the best cattle amongst the rest. Kocurek Cattle Texas provides a wide range of options to select the best cattle for you. 

Let’s walk through the points to choose a top-class breed. 

  1. Disease resistant variant- Often cattle get infected with viral infections due to the environment in which they reside. Repeated infections can prove to decrease the ability to work. In extreme cases, it can be fatal too.
  2. Robust genetic type – Choosing a dominating genetic type has the advantage of passing robust genes to progenies, superior quality of meat and milk, and the ability to survive in a harsh environment
  3. Vaccination status – Regular vaccinations and boosters keep the animals out of health problems and make them healthy.
  4. Breeding efficiency of cattle – Breeding is a vital aspect of buying cattle. Several factors determine the fertility of the cattle viz., longevity, nutrition, embryonic death, percentage of egg formation, and age of first pregnancy. 
  5. Avoid inbred stocks – Inbreeding means breeding in closely related forms. Inbreeding leads to the narrowing of the gene pool and triggering more genetic defects. 

These tips might be just a handful of points but play a key role while selecting the finest cattle. Then, why wait? Kocurek Cattle, Texas is a renowned place to have premium quality cattle breeds and excellent cattle services. Pick your favourite breed and bring them home.