Good Cattle Practices To Keep Bovine Health In Check

Best Cattle Practices To Keep Cattle In Good Health

Rearing cattle and maintaining their health is no joke. It is similar to taking care of an infant at your home. You have to monitor their behavior and take action accordingly. Domestic animals eating hay at cattle farm.

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Cattle owners have to fight bacteria every day to keep their cattle in good health status. Bacteria is omnipresent. We can’t eliminate them from the cattle pen, but at least we can keep them at bay with our good cattle practices.

Pen Maintenance

Your cattle spend most of their time in the pen. So, the risk of disease begins in the cattle pen. The bedding area is prone to being wet due to manure and urination. The damp area harbors the hub of bacteria and provides a suitable environment for the fungi to flourish.

It causes various infections in the cattle, especially in the foot region. To avoid this, the place needs to be well ventilated and have enough place to roam around(even in case of tied stalls). If the cattle are tied to the stalls, the chances of the place harboring microbes are more, which is an invitation to infection.

So try to clean up the tied stall at regular intervals. Practice nail cutting of the cattle at regular intervals to avoid foot-related diseases. Because foot region is the most susceptible region to contracting an infection, and if ignored, it can invite several serious issues. 

Feed with holistic nutrition 

The balanced diet concept is not just applicable to humans but to cattle too! Your cattle might be of superior genetic and high quality, but if your fodder lacks essential micronutrients like minerals and vitamins and macronutrient proportion. Then you are inviting trouble for yourself!

Micronutrients like selenium, zinc, and magnesium are vital components of fodder. It builds a strong immune system in the cattle. Apart from this, disproportionate food triggers acidosis in the rumen. It is also stated as one of the reasons for lameness in the cattle. Lameness is the condition in which the movement of the bovine is restricted due to the leg or foot region.

If you are rearing cattle for milking, the feed should be of a high quality consisting of fiber content, high fat, micronutrients, etc. You need to monitor and regulate their food. That’s why cattle services in Texas are chosen by people, because they guide you in terms of feeding, halter breaking, clipping, etc.

Disinfection Of Pen

Disinfection has to be done at regular intervals. Apart from that, if a cattle has recently contracted any disease or died due to a disease. Then immediately disinfect the entire pen. Because there is a high risk of other cattle contracting the disease. To prevent your cattle from infection with disinfection.

Regular Checkups And Vaccination

Texas conducts vaccination drives and control programs at regular intervals; to lower the spread of cattle diseases. You can save your cattle from Anthrax, Brucellosis, and many other diseases with a simple vaccination process. Irrespective of the behavioral signal given by the animal get done with the vet check-up at regular intervals. At least you will be ensured that the animal is in good health condition. Because you won’t want your show cattle in Texas to fall sick and look weak. 

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